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Hand Modeling: Understanding Representation

The marketing industry is always changing and at KRX Firm we acknowledge and utilize new strategies to catch consumers' attention. Modeling has been a vital aspect of campaigns we conduct to not only promote our clients' products but to allow the models to tell a silent story through the lens. Showcasing Black women in a multitude of ways is an act that comes naturally to us as a Black, woman-owned business.

A technique we've used for past and current campaigns is hand modeling. Hand modeling is a process of modeling that only captures the model's hand rather than their full body.

Usually, the model’s hand is accessorized with jewelry and painted nails to embark a glamorous aura around the product being held.

We've done this technique with the Black-owned small business, UNLAX Candles. A company founded in 2019 by veteran Kay Luttrell. After serving, Kay began to realize she needed help, mentally, and wanted to find a way to cope in a healthy manner that made sense to her. She took on three tasks: self-care, therapy, and candles. To treat her anxiety that was triggered by stress, she developed a plan to unwind and relax, birthing her brand: UNLAX. It became known to her that candles are a coping mechanism she can utilize and create for the benefit of herself and people in similar situations.

For UNLAX Candles, we conducted a photo shoot in 2021 surrounding the theme of Galentine’s Day. The photo above and to the left are two of the photos we shot without the model’s full body present. Instead, we used her accessorized hand with a soft setting and flowers to accomplish a relaxed and gentle feeling. In doing so, the product stands out beyond the props in the background. With the motion and presence of her hand, it instills the attention to the product that takes center.

This approach has been used by business owners for decades and is a reminder for marketers that you don't need to cater to specific beauty standards for consumers to notice your product. With the simple presence of a hand, the photos are just as beautiful.

Another way to use hand modeling is to demonstrate how a product is used.

Last Spring, for Noire Beauté Bar, we conducted a photoshoot with only two models present titled “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Without any props, we were able to demonstrate and promote the products with a vague and bright pink background while the product's branding and colors took center stage.

We acknowledge the fact that representation is highly important to combat the stereotypical model and the hand modeling industry is no different. Having a diverse group of people to represent your products promotes change.

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