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The Importance of Holiday Marketing

The holidays are the best time for marketing. The theme for each season has been laid in your lap, but how are you going to take that and make it creative? Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal days have been reported to gather over 100 million consumers for brands. With sales that decrease price points for certain products that are considerably high, it's not surprising that corporations enhance their revenue during such times.

As a marketing and consulting firm, we have developed campaigns for small businesses during the holidays. With acknowledgment of the new holidays arriving, we are able to process and

prepare early marketing strategies to help each company. In order to provide seasonal material to promote the brands, we conduct photoshoots with a corresponding theme such as Christmas during the holidays.

The photo on the right is part of a Winter 2020 campaign we completed for vegan candle company J'Luxe Scents & Co. with the direction of our CEO & Creative Director, Kendrea Roby. We decide to incorporate a story told through the lense of girlfriends exchanging gifts during the holidays. With this in mind, we were able to keep the products, candles, center stage. Due to the

bright colors, elegant props, and other holiday elements, our campaign helped the brand market for the season.

We've also done a Winter campaign for natural skincare line, Noire Beauté Bar. In 2020, we were able to conduct a safe photo shoot titled “Winter Noireland” that embodied the idea of a happy, Winter wonderland with skincare. The photo below of the model holding the moisturizing skin product, Souffle, is one of the many photos from the campaign. With the sprinkling snow and snowflake earrings

, we were able to tell a tale without without taking attention from the true purpose of the photoshoot: the product.

At KRX firm, we pride ourselves on the representation of black women to end the stigma that marketing of women needs to meet a certain beauty standard. As you can see in our campaigns, models presented are often African American women with the product. During our holiday campaigns we use elegance and beauty for the products to stand out and will continue to do so in the future.

One of our main goals is to accommodate consumer needs with creative, diverse visuals and strategies to promote the brand and affirm their brand identities. If you'd like to view more photos coordinating with the holiday season, click the button below!


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