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Top Five Black-Owned Haircare Companies

As a marketing and consulting firm with a female CEO and staff, KRX Firm understands the importance of hair care. We represent and have promoted multiple companies, small and big, that sell products on the likes of consumers’ hair being healthy. Though there are many forms of hair care, our objective is related to hair growing from the scalp. Haircare is a thorough routine women and men daily do in order to increase their hair growth and maintain healthy hair. Due to people possessing different textures of hair, routines differ between individuals creating a large market for different businesses in the hair industry.

Unfortunately, people of all textures experience and suffer from hair issues including dryness, breakage, flakiness, or more. Some people deal with more than one issue pertaining to their hair. As a certified company, we support and market qualified companies that have natural and skin-friendly products. Our goal is for consumers, along with the company, to find a solution to their problems. If you’re seeking hair care products that will end your issues connected to such, we have developed a list of five affordable black-owned haircare companies for all genders.

Founded by cosmetologist Courtney Bradshaw, Pretty Strands is a haircare line developed for all

textures. As a mother of four, Bradshaw became an entrepreneur after struggling to find products for her daughter who struggled with a common skin condition, eczema. Unfortunately, it affected her scalp as well which promoted Bradshaw to search for products that would pause and eventually stop the progression of the condition. Instead of continuing her search after no success, Bradshaw decided to create her own product. With experience in science, Bradshaw used her knowledge and created her very first product for hair, oil. After a while, her daughter’s eczema on her scalp was cured and with such great results witnessed by friends and family, she shared her products with those close to her. Since she was able to end a suffering condition that many deal with including children, teenagers, and adults, Bradshaw created her own line.

As a company that started with just a collection of oils, Pretty Strands has progressed and developed since. Apart from selling oils, Pretty Strands now sells hair cream, shampoo & conditioner, hair tools, and accessories. If you would like to visit their website, please click the button below or you can visit the company's Instagram.

Thank God It’s Natural, also known as TGIN, is a well-known line with a presence in retail stores

such as Target and Whole Foods. Founded in 2002 by Chris-Tia Donaldson, the company has progressed since. Before opening her own business, Donaldson had experience in representing large corporations on a global scale with an impressive academic background earning her A.B in Economics from ivy league, Harvard University. During an interview, Donaldson stated she started her company due to the struggles she witnessed and experienced herself regarding haircare, particularly dryness. Instead of partnering with another company or pitching her products to another company, Donaldson decided to begin and promote her own. This was prior to a time when marketing was easier with the use of social media platforms which resulted in Donaldson having to work harder and face challenges that she took on and learned from. With a substantial amount of success, Chris-Tia Donaldson did sustain hardships such as her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. During such a time, she came to recognize a lot of societal issues pertaining to assistance regarding revenue and more. Now she uses her notoriety as a way to bring awareness and has become a remarkable advocate. Donaldson has even gone to publish her own books, becoming a successful author with one of her books becoming a bestseller on Amazon.

TGIN has been able to sell many collections: vitamins, conditioner, shampoo, mask, protein treatments, and more. If you would like to buy from or visit Thank God It’s Natural’s website, click the button below or you can go to their Instagram.

Lianne Dobson is the brains behind Gemini Naturals’ birth in 2018. With a day job being a

Physician Assistant, at night is when Dobson grows and builds her company by creating her color gel. Prior to starting her business, Dobson regularly colored her hair but encountered issues along the way that damaged her texture and curls often. Soon, she decided to create a formula to color her hair without negative effects and decided to share it with the world. She came to the realization that prominent hair color products were missing certain ingredients for natural hair affecting the hair’s moisture and definition. From that point, she decided to develop her own brand that any consumer can use, with an emphasis on consumers with natural more defined hair. As a woman that enjoys coloring her hair different colors on a regular basis, Dobson was able to create a color gel with the use of aloe vera. As a gel, it can be added to any leave-in conditioner or cream and then applied to damp hair. The formula that Dobson created was made for the likes of standing out and popping on dark-colored hair.

With healthy ingredients made to develop such a line, Gemini Naturals can be used often and when you’re ready for a new look, just rinse out the current color! Gemini Naturals has many colors including bronze, purple, cranberry, silver, and more. Besides color products, the company sells curl-defining products along with items such as towels. With this product, you can embrace any color you want without risking damaging your hair! If you would like to visit the Gemini Naturals website, please click the button below or you can visit the company's Instagram.

While not only being a mother of five but the founder and CEO of skincare and haircare company

“Camille Rose”, Janell Stephens has been able to make over a million dollars in sales since its start in 2011. As a way to resolve her children’s chronic eczema, Stephens developed a formula in her home mixing different ingredients in her kitchen. By being a vegan and embracing natural substances, Stephens studied and examined competitors in the haircare industry. Unlike her products, those companies sustained chemicals detrimental to hair and could cause more damage than solve it. Instead, she went on to create her own products that herself, her child, and family members used. Eventually, Stephens created her own line consisting of just creams and after witnessing a blossoming number of sales Stephens decided to extend her companies collections. By 2012, her products were in Target and progressed since then being sold in retail stores including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sally’s Beauty. Because of this new reach, the brand has been able to go on a global scale having a presence in multiple countries outside of the United States. As a result of her million-dollar business, Camille Rose has been covered by different publications such as ELLE, Teen Vogue, and more. With her newfound status and presence in the entrepreneurial world, Stephens uses her platform to advocate and support black women or those starting their own small businesses.

The first product the company created was a cream used to eliminate baby’s diaper rashes or nursing mothers. Now, the company has haircare, skincare, and home decor. If you would like to visit the Camille Rose: The Recipe for Beauty website, please click the button below or visit the companies Instagram.


Before becoming a business owner, Monique Rodriguez, the founder and CEO of haircare

company Mielle Organics, was a registered nurse for over nine years. With academic knowledge and experience in the science and health field, Rodriguez decided to create her own haircare line, Mielle. As a mother of two daughters and a wife, with her husband being the COO of Mielle Organics, Rodriguez wants to inform and inspire other women to become entrepreneurs and join the business atmosphere. Her company has been endorsed by many celebrities such as celebrity manager, Yandy Smith-Harris. Mielle Organics has also been featured on different broadcast shows such as “The Wendy Williams Show” and “You and Me This Morning.”

With multiple products on the market, Rodriguez has been able to go from developing her line in the space of her kitchen to now selling over dozens of items. The line consists of conditioner, oil, vitamins, and more that will make consumers’ hair healthier and longer as promoted. There are multiple reviews posted on Mielle’s website along with reviews posted on video-sharing platform, YouTube. You can visit the company's Instagram or visit the website by clicking the Shop Mielle Organics button below!

If you are suffering from breakage, heat damage, eczema, dryness, or more and would like to find a solution to such problems, you can visit the websites of these five small businesses. They are created and owned by five different Black women who took their time to establish companies that can help people suffering from such issues.

At KRX Firm, we always want to see potential clients, clients, and others thrive with their consumers flourishing with them!


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