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5 Black-Owned Skincare Businesses to Support

Skincare is the act of cleansing, massaging, and moisturizing your skin in order to prevent the development of acne and the early stage of wrinkles. Many consumers also practice skincare due to pregnancy, weight gain that results in stretch marks, or to tame the discoloration that comes with scars that can eventually fade. It is a necessary process that pre-teens, teens, young adults, and adults regard as a daily routine in the morning or afternoon in order to have the best results. Though wrinkles are not regulated to old age, due to it appearing on young adults, it is rare for it to happen. However, acne and stretch marks are not so rare, with statistics proven that over 80% of Americans suffer from stretch marks and different types of acne. When it comes to scars, millions of people suffer from them each year from injuries, surgeries, or more.

At KRX Firm, we support and promote small brands that can provide consumers with products that accommodate their needs. Still trying to find a skincare brand that works? We've developed a list of 5 Black-owned skincare companies, two of which we've represented at our agency, that are selling skincare products for reasonable and affordable prices. Let’s begin!

“Touched by Grace Body Care”

Skincare company, Touch by Grace Body Care, also known as "TBG Body Care", is a natural skin

treatment company based in the United States. The company was founded by 23-year-old Kent State University alumni, Grace Irvin-Dillard. During her time of earning her degree in Entrepreneurship, Dillard contemplated her business strategy which led to the start of her personal body care company in 2019. Due to the influx of skincare companies including toxic ingredients in their product and practicing animal cruelty, Dillard decided to meet consumer needs by creating a product line that is natural and skin-friendly. Dedicated to this concept, she completed two years of research earning her a diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. Prior to releasing products that Dillard says she formed by “combing science and plants”, she uses them on herself to fulfill her goal of providing her customers with the best skincare experiences.

The company started with one product: soap bars. Because of this, it has been able to prosper! TBG now has a plethora of product options, all hand-created by Dillard, ranging from soaps, body creams, gels, an oil cleanser, and more. On her website, you can find the ingredients included in her products with a short summary of ways they are beneficial to the skin. As a company that has represented TBG Body Care at our firm, we can assure you that Dillard’s products align with safety for skin. You can visit the company's Instagram and Twitter or visit the website by clicking the Touched by Grace Body Care button below!

“Cocoa Beauty Cosmetics”

Having been founded in 2017 by Maya Pierre, Cocoa Beauty Cosmetics is a skincare line based in

Miami, Florida. As a woman, Pierre dealt with an abundance of skin issues from dark spots to pimples and much more as she grew up. Due to such matters, Pierre sought out answers for her problems while receiving different suggestions from those within her circle. In reality, the prescribed products she used not only made her condition worse, but they simply didn't work. The reason came to be that the products possessed chemicals that were detrimental to the skin.

In the midst of attempting to find an external solution to her problem, she was able to find an internal solution by finding a formula to create a natural skincare product. With research done, Pierre handcrafted a natural body care product that she completed trials for prior to distribution. At that point, she knew she'd made a product that can be useful to those suffering from acne or more. As a cruelty-free and natural-based company, Cocoa Beauty Cosmetics' packing also is eco-friendly! With the product being affordable for consumers in all social classes, the company sells moisturizers, cleansers, toners, scrubs, and more with more products listed on the company’s website. If you would like to visit Cocoa Beauty Cosmetics website, please click the button below or visit the companies Instagram.

“ROSEN Skincare”

Jamika Martin is the founder and creator of natural skincare line, ROSEN Skincare. In her

adolescents, Martin began to experience the progressive stages of acne. With her skin suffering, Martin used different “skincare” products prescribed to her which she used daily during routines. In such products, it was found to be toxic ingredients that would rather deteriorate the skin than help it. At a young age, Martin began to think about becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own skincare line at the tender age of 12. That is exactly what she did during her years as an undergraduate attending the University of California! Martin established ROSEN Skincare during her senior year in 2017. Her goal was precisely to fulfill the needs that she wishes she would have been granted at the age of 12.

“A cleaner, more enjoyable acne experience from start to finish"

As an affordable brand, the products are naturally made to benefit adolescents and those older for scars, acne, or more. Those products being masks, scrubs, toners, serums, and more! Rosen Skincare is looking to blossom and change the lives of their consumers one product and day at a time. If you would like to visit Rosen Skincare website, please click the button below or you can visit the company's Instagram.

“Soulvenir Bath, Body & Expressions”

This natural body care line is a Virginia-based company. Soulvenir Bath, Body, &

Expressions, also known as "Soulvenir", was founded by a strong woman in 2019, Shannon M. Linde. Due to suffering from the mental health disorder SAD, seasonal affective disorder, Linde found it hard to cope during certain seasons of the year which affected her viewpoint of herself. To change such a narrative and help her mentally, Linde developed a skincare routine that was able to initiate peace and stability. Instead of keeping it to herself, she took her experiences and confronted them head on. She decided to turn Soulvenir into a brand that helps others who suffer mentally or don’t often encounter a self-loving, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

As a company that is still expanding, it has developed into a luxury brand that Linde wanted for women to be able to use when feeling mentally disconnected. It's important to note that while women are her focus, the company is a gender-neutral business with the inclusion of body care products that are designed predominately for men. Those products range from body polishes, body soufflés, moisturizers, and more! The company’s goal is to promote self-love and self-care which is a necessity in this world. If you would like to visit the website of Soulvenir Bath, Body, & Expressions below, please click the button below or you can visit the company's Instagram.

“Noire Beauté Bar”

Brianna Walton is the founder of skincare line Noire Beaute Bar.

Having been founded in 2018, Walton developed her brand while standing in the skincare aisle of a department store. Keeping your skin rich is extremely important and after realizing the products weren’t made for her skin type, she decided to create her own skincare line.

As a brand that uses natural and skin-friendly ingredients, they possess an array of products from soaps, cleansers, masks, and more! Walton makes it clear that her company aims to increase self-love and acceptance for their consumers as a gender-neutral company that makes products that can serve both women and men. The company’s main goal is to give consumers an experience with rich skin while keeping a positive mindset and their reviews prove that they're doing exactly that. If you would like to buy from or visit Noire Beauté Bar's website, click the button below or you can go to their Instagram.

If you are suffering from acne, scars, stretch marks, or more and would like to find a solution to such problems, you can visit the websites of these four small businesses. They are created and owned by five different black women who took their time to establish companies that can help people suffering mentally and physically.

At KRX Firm, we always want to see potential clients, clients, and others thrive with their consumers flourishing with them!


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