Kendrea Roby, Creative Director and Brand Manager


Kendrea Roby

Creative Director + Brand Manager

Kendrea has freelanced as a creative director and content creator since 2014. She had a desire to build a platform that enhanced brand's online presence and gave brands a competitive edge in their market. Kendrea has successfully led campaigns for brands in the food, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness industry. She also manages macro influencers and public figures with their public relations and brand partnerships. 

Kendrea built KRX Firm to be a platform for creatives, content creators, and influencers that work in-house with our clients. We value collaboration and providing the best talent and skill to our clientele. From our published photographers to signed models, we ensure our clientele's digital presence is impactful. 

Kendrea has traveled the world and deeply enjoys sharing her experiences and showcasing diversity in her work. She has lived and worked in Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Greece, and Israel among other countries. Kendrea is a wife and mother of five daughters. She has a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and is currently a 1L law student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is a strong supporter of woman-owned businesses, and believes that women are capable of doing it all.