A global management firm that represents 
brands + talent.
KRX Firm helps to alleviate our clientele from the day-to-day content management process. Our creative services target your audience using proven strategy and creative content. Are you ready for social media management?

KRX Firm is a brand management and production firm. We work with beauty, lifestyle  and wellness brands as well as influencers and public figures. We specialize in social media marketing and campaigns that make an impact.


KRX Firm is successful at developing brand strategies that are creative and help to reach our clients' goals. Our services deliver creative content that capture target audiences while championing both start-ups and established brands. 



Social Media Management

Our firm offers a variety of packages to suit your needs.



Our firm specializes in marketing and ad campaigns to build brand awareness.


Product Photography

We offer product photography to ensure your brand appeals to your target audience. 


To be a client at KRX Firm is to have access to the best in-house services. From our social media management to our campaign development and access to the best talent and influencers. We ensure our brand clients have access to the best marketing strategy.


Our influencers and talent bring fresh faces, voices, and elite cultural influence so that an authentic representation is given across all platforms.

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KRX Firm began with the goal of giving a platform to brands and talent not seen enough in media. We champion all voices and ensure all narratives are well represented and that our clients are given the best marketing and branding to succeed.

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